This movie is about the search for Osama bin Laden and CIA operative assigned to find him after the incident of September 11. The movie follows the operative and those who worked with her in tracking down the Bin Laden. It’s a somewhat difficult movie to sit still trough as it answers difficult questions concerning torture and procedures.


The first 15 minutes of the film has us witnessing the brutal waterboarding of a prisoner, as it’s difficult for us to see, it does have us question the things that we do in order to extract information and to question in the methods we use.

One of the tenses scenes is when the Navy Seals enter the compound to get Osama Bin Laden. Its 20 minutes of absolute breathlessness as we watch the actions unfold in front of our very eyes. We know how it ends, but it leaves us gasping for air, and bewildered. This is no Hollywood movie, or rather doesn’t follow the formula of a Hollywood movie, even though the villain is dead, we don’t leave the theatre with a smile on our faces.
This movie is an epic feat of filmmaking. A character study (much like Hurt Locker) and a true revenge story, all in one, told in one sitting.