Spoiler Alert! There is a scene in the movie where The President of the United States, fires a rocket launcher at an SUV chasing him around the white house lawn. That alone, believe me, is so worth the price of admission (or at least a rental) because White House Down is so over the top, that you will watch it again a second time to see what you missed the first time around.

White House Down - trailer video

White House Down is about a lowly bodyguard (played by Channing Tatum) who applies as a secret service guy for the American President (Jaime Foxx). His application is rejected, one thing leads to another, people are betrayed, and Channing Tatum is fighting off Terrorists in the White house, while protecting the President who is also a bit of a bad ass himself.


It’s a poor man’s DIE HARD.   If White House Down tries to take itself seriously, then it fails completely. But Tatum and Foxx have such good chemistry together, that you can’t but help route for them regardless of the badly written and predictable story. It just works, because the characters are charismatic and don’t take themselves seriously.

The other supporting cast do their jobs. James Woods does his part as the bad guy well, while Maggie Gyllenhall playing Tatum’s old college flame suffices and helps move the story along. Actress Joey king (who plays Tatum’s Daughter) plays an important role, the reason for Tatum’s character’s motivation.   It works, and it’s entertaining.


If you like cheesy action, and patriotic (but not too patriotic) that does not seem take itself seriously, check this movie out.