The world’s End is an entertaining film. Definitely on par with hot fuzz, but not as good as Shaun of the dead although it’s still a worthy film, and the final of the trilogy. The plot is ridiculous as it relies on the strengths of its lead actors to succeed and it pull it off well. World’s End is about a bunch of old friends who get together to relive the past, hopping from pub to pub to complete a Pub crawl from their youth.

facebookSimon Pegg as always is hilarious, same for Nick Frost. In the story five friends returned to their home town to relive a pub crawl they never finished in their youth and as they make their way, strange things happen and the five uncover a mystery that will blow your mind. The action scenes are well choreographed and is a lot of slapstick. Add in the excellent direction from Edgar Wright, and this film is an enjoyment from start to finish.

The-Worlds-End-Simon-PeggDespite some slow moments it’s a perfect mix of science fiction and comedy and is a funny movie that is worth checking out.