The second part of the maze trilogy, is pretty good as far sequels go. Maze Runner the scorch trials is based on the books featuring a young cast. If you found the first movie to be entertaining, then you will like this next installment. It won’t win any awards, but will keep you entertained.

scorchtrials-6-gallery-imageThe action is gripping and realistic, acting is strong, and directing is fantastic. In the first film there were a few scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat, but in scorch trials actions is nonstop from the very beginning. Some of the strongest parts of the movie besides the action of the visuals. The CGI’s top-notch, and satisfactory for the realism purists.

scorchtrials-7-gallery-imageWith potential of being an international box office success, the scorch trials, will keep audiences entertained and screaming for the next final chapter.