This Guy Ritchie film based off of the 1960s TV series, has excellent cinematography and well-paced acting. If you’re a fan of dry humor and Pacey action, then this is for you. Set during the Cold War, a criminal organization getting kidnapping scientists that have the capability of building a nuclear bomb. It’s up to Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavell) and Illya Kiyakin (Armie Hammer) to secret agents to save the day.

themanfromuncle2The chemistry between the two actors is top-notch, work very well together, and help carry the film. The rest of the cast is excellent, stunts are amazing and clever, and then musical score is stunning there’s also lots of humor that help not make the audience take the film too seriously.

D4D_9232.DNGStrong points of the film is the action and the chemistry of the cast, Guy Ritchie’s direction although predictable works for this type of film. Even if you’re not a fan of the original TV series, still worth watching as I’m sure it will attract new younger audience. Check it out.