Snowpiercer is a difficult movie to describe. It’s the English debut of Korean filmmaker Joon-hoo Bong (The Host), based on a French graphic novel. The cast of characters are excellent from Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton to John Hurt and Ed Harris.
Snowpiercer is an amazing sci-fi movie about humanity and class structure. Due to global warming, world leaders experiment with the environment to lower temperatures which causes a new ice age and nearly kills off the world population except for around 100 people aboard a super train circling the globe. After 17 years aboard the train, the class system has become corrupt. The rich are moved to the front of the train, while the poor are crammed near the back. The implementation of armed guards, and the poor being fed off protein bars, leads to revolt, resulting in the ones in power pushing back.

This is an action movie, which keeps you glued to the screen. It tells a great story in satisfying imagery and although its 126 minutes long, it flies by leaving the viewer wanting more but yet still leaves a great message to think about.