As a Sequel to the Peter Pan story, Joe Wright’s PAN is a fantasy adventure that is sure to delight both young and old. Although not meant to out right funny like HOOK, PAN is an emotional and heart touching film about children and their mother.

PAN2The fantasy elements are absolutely wonderful. From flying ships , to different worlds is an absolute feast to the eyes that also sometimes felt a bit too repetitive but still satisfactory. Every second of the movie is filled with adventure and danger which constantly puts Peter to the test. The actors do best with the script they had the clearly put their hearts in the performances and the effects were competent as well as professionally done. The film elicits empathy for the children and although it could have been more humorous, it does very well in bridging an emotional connection between the characters.

IMG_3901.DNGAlthough slightly clichéd, PAN is a good movie and overall a good family film to take the kids to. Maybe not memorable, but something definitely to kill 2 hours with.