If you enjoyed the film Despicable Me, you will definitely enjoy this prequel about the minions. Apparently the minions were not created by Gru, they are actually from prehistoric times sent to serve the most evil of people imaginable. In this film, the minions are basically on a quest to find a master and what follows is an hour and a half of pure enjoyment and laughter.


As someone who loved the film, we had high hopes for this movie and thankfully it paid off as the minions are absolutely slapstick as they were in despicable me. You would think they would be difficult to relate to but it’s not a problem as there are touching and heartwarming moments throughout the film. Might I add that this film looks great in 3D and if you have small children they will surly love every moment as its fun and safe and is sure to leave you with a smile on your face when you leave the theater.

minions2Voices by Sandra Bullock, Steve Coogan, and Michael Keaton, help assist and complement this film. Minions is sure to be a fan favorite.