I really wanted to like this. Josh Trank is one of my favorite directors and his first film, chronicle, was an excellent indie film. But the fantastic four is such a convoluted mess it’s not only hard to understand (bad editing) but it’s is also rather boring. There had been rumors of production problems but no one would have guessed that those problems would be so evident in the final product. Fantastic four is horrible and I’d be fair to say that the first 40 minutes wasn’t bad as it explains the origins of how the fantastic four became, but after that it’s just an absolute disappointment a total mess.

first-fantastic-four-trailer-arrives-online_vbew.1920In terms of visuals the movie was quite entertaining and the special effects were well done but other than that, the movie falls flat and the costumes were horrible. The characters had no chemistry and the movie was more confusing then inspiring.

fantastic-four-trailer-120962I’d be surprised if Fox Studios continues with the franchise as it’s pretty clear that the fantastic four is quite cursed. Perhaps the director was way too ambitious and the project had gone way over his head, either way it’s about as big a disappointment one could expect, and if you don’t wish to have your heart broken (especially if you’re a fan) don’t watch this film.  Thank me later!