What do you get when you cross the movie Groundhog Day with Starship Troopers? It’s Doug Liman’s EDGE OF TOMORROW! An adaptation of a Japanese sci-fi novel, EOT is a kick ass ride. I’d have to say, next to TOP GUN it’s one of my favorite Tom Cruise movies and definitely the most memorable.

art19248In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise is Major William Cage, a public relations officer who gets thrown into the heat of battle. But a strange thing happens, he goes back in time 24 hours after he is killed due to a fluke that happens on his initial encounter. Remembering previous events, he trains himself to make different choices therefore furthering his goals.
You’d think the movie would get tedious, but it’s actually brilliantly insightful as Major Cage matures from his original self-absorbed cowardly self to a heroic warrior of sorts. With the help of Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) another soldier who was also gifted with the power, the two set out to strike the hive and win the war.

edge-tomorrow-crui_2925098bA well made sci-fi flick done in a way that explores human nature wrapped up in a summer blockbuster action flick.