I didn’t have high hopes for this film. But after watching Gary Shore’s Dracula Untold, I was pleasantly surprised. Dracula Untold is not a great film, but it’s definitely entertaining and pretty fun to watch.

dracula-untold-army-massacreIn the story, Prince Vlad’s (Luke Evans) kingdom is under threat by the Turks, and it is up to him to become a Monster in order to save his people. Although Vlad Tepes was a historical figure, the movie is far from historical. If you can accept those flaws, you will enjoy this action horror film that was produced in order to jumpstart Universal Pictures monster cinemaverse. So far it looks like a really good start.

dracula-untold-meet-the-real-vlad-featurette-1411675209279_1280wThe cinematography is absolutely beautiful almost wasted in this type of genre. Luke Evans does a great job as the main character, and destined to become an A list superstar. While the supporting actors do their job well, Evans really carries the film and it is very noticeable. The biggest problem with this film is that it sort of came and went in the theaters without much fanfare, but I’m pretty positive it will regain its popularity through home viewing. If you like horror adventure films that don’t take itself too seriously but just enough to immerse you for an hour and a half, checkout Dracula untold you won’t be disappointed.