Capt. Phillips is a dramatization and not necessarily a fact the fact retelling, about an American cargo ship captain that was taken hostage by Somalian pirates in 2009. The incident made world news at the time, but this retelling although not entirely accurate gives a perfect step-by-step analysis what had happened that day. It’s a fascinating look and also a powerful social commentary.

captain-phillips-barkhad-abdiTom Hanks as Capt. Richard Phillips is as always amazingly performed, and helps bring empathy towards the character and his plight. New, performer Barkhad Abdi, is simply wonderful as the pirate with a snarky demeanor and disdain for human life. Abdi is layered with many complexities which is a breath of fresh air since we are always seeing villain roles as flat 2D cookie cutter stereotypes.

Tom Hanks stars in Columbia Pictures' "Captain Phillips." FILM STILL

What makes the story so interesting is that near the final 20 minutes of the film, there are pent up frustrations that begin to erupt, and the audience is on the edge of their seats waiting for the final climactic showdown as Phillips is being rescued by the Navy SEALs. The movie is filled with high levels of tension and is perfect in many ways. It’s filled with real-life authentic characters and casting crew that have delivered an incredible dynamic performance that is sure to make this film very memorable for many years to come.