This is an excellent movie that is vibrant and powerful. Boogie Nights is about the pornography industry in the 70’s, and it’s downfall in the 80’s.

For a period piece, painstaking work went into making the 70s and 80s very believable in both looks and spirit. Eddie Adams (Mark Wahlberg) is the protagonist of the movie. The naïve innocent that is discovered and enticed into the sleazy world of the Porn industry.
There are many subplots revolving around this story that introduce other characters that act as a surrogate family towards one another.

Although the film deals with sex and porn, it’s not very offensive as the film is carefully edited as not to appear explicit.  The script is very good, but the film is overly long. It could be called an epic at a length of 155 minutes, but the time passes quickly. Despite Boogie Nights’ flaws and shortfalls, it is a very good movie worthy of the acclaim it received.