Birdman is an ambitious movie. The film follows a has-been celebrity Riggan Thomson (played by Michael Keaton) as he attempts to relaunch his career on stage in an adaption of a Raymond Carver Play. The big gimmick is that it’s told in one big long uninterrupted take in the course of a week.   It works as it gives a sense of urgency in producing a play on Broadway.

Birdman_trailer We follow the movie through the eyes of Riggan Thomson, a former celebrity whose height of fame was playing the superhero BIRDMAN. It’s almost an ironic take on Keaton’s life (Keaton played BATMAN), as it seems to hint that the success of play/movie, is detrimental to the success of Keaton’s career.

birdmanMicheal Keaton plays a satire of himself pretty well, it’s not great but its classic Keaton, which most everyone was expecting (who doesn’t like Keaton?). The co-stars, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, and Zach Galifianakis are great at supporting the film, and help move the somewhat tedious plot along. Time Square in his underwear leading to an wall twists that dominate the film’s ending. It’s a promising movie, but still leaves us a bit empty if not confused near the end.