Disney’s engaging animated flick, Big Hero 6, is about an orphaned genius named Hiro, and his Robot, Baymax, who acts as a life support system as well as a best friend. Together Baymax and Hiro team together with a bunch of nerdy techies to take down a supervillain in a touching and amusing superhero movie done in true Disney style.

Set in the future in a city that’s an amalgam of Tokyo and San Francisco (New Sanfransokyo), Hiro is uninspired after the death of his brother, he activates his brother’s last project and unleashes Baymax, and a sinister plot to steal the bothers work.
Taken from an obscure Marvel comic. Big Hero 6 blends the prospects of the Marvel Cinema into the standard Disney animated film that feels like a part of both worlds with all the successes and problems with both.

Big Hero 6 is filled with eye-popping visuals, panders to children and that’s not a bad thing.  But It’s also a boy and his dog tale, and although not memorable, will be entertaining enough to kill an hour and thirty three minutes.