This movie probably won’t make you a fan of Liberace (played by Michael Douglas, but it will make you appreciate what he went through. This HBO production is almost better then television as BEHIND THE CANDELABRA is a peer into the life of the flamboyant pianist Liberace’s five year love affair Scott Thorson (Matt Damon). It’s flashy over the top filmmaking, and it’s awesome.

Michael Douglas is amazing as the Las Vegas entertain with flare for the theatrics. Douglas embraces the role with accuracy and respect and Damon’s Thorson is equally just as respectable.

Steven Soderbergh does a great job at bring the characters to life, and proves that he is still one of the best directors working today in Hollywood. The writing is just as good, which proves to us that television can be just as good as cinema.
Behind the Candelabra is pretty good as far as HBO TV movies go.