I get nervous when they take a wonderful anime franchise and turn it into a real life movie. It’s never done properly, casting is either annoying or offensive, and the story is based loosely on the original material. It’s an experience that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, not to mention lightly leaving me a bit disdained towards the original source.


This is how I feel about ATTACK ON TITAN, an absolutely painful mess to watch. For some reason, the story has been changed severely from the original material and does not make sense. Many things that made the film beautiful and powerful replaced by amateurish creativity. Acting is terrible, and the casting is ridiculous and unbelievable. The CGI amateurish, and cheap. What would have been cutting edge 20 years ago, is now outdated and just unnecessary.


It is mind-boggling how this film was released without expecting massive negative criticism. It just goes to show you, even though it’s a hit franchise it doesn’t guarantee success. Watch it if you’re curious, but don’t expect anything memorable.