The film is about Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), a con man who during 1970s, along with his seductive partner and sidekick Sydney (Amy Adams), gets caught by the FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) and forced to assist in taking down politicians connected with the mafia.

Everything about American Hustle works, and has great character flow and dynamics. The popularity of the cast, particularly Jennifer Lawrence, makes the movie a success. Christian Bale and Amy Adams give incredible lead performances drawing you into these character’s lives, but we also realize they are criminals so they equally repel us from ever really accepting them.


This is storytelling is at its best, because its character are top notch. It proves you can have sympathetic people who are also responsible for very bad things, and that nobody defined at all times by only the worst things they’ve done. This movie is also laugh-out-loud funny and it’s a sort of character-driven film that finds humor in situations that shouldn’t even be there purely for melodrama.